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Website Footer Design: All You Need To Know About Creating A Kick-Ass Footer

Let me ask you this: How well are you utilizing the footer section of your website? Does your website even have a footer to start with? And if not, do you even care about creating or using one? Whether you’re thinking about a new website or redesigning an existing website, one area of your design […]

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6 Essential Elements Of Modern Website Design You Shouldn't Ignore

How do you create a clean, modern looking website? What design elements do you need to use, or not use, to make your website look minimal, bold, and professional for your business? First of all, long gone are the days where a website used to look like the classified sections of the back of newspapers. Do […]

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15 Web Design Stats And Facts You Shouldn't Ignore

Are you thinking about creating a new website, or updating your existing one? Hold up! First, check out these 15 eye-popping web design stats and facts. Cast your memory back to 15 years ago, if you can. That's roughly when I started my first online business journey. Back then, creating a website for your business was not easy, nor […]

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5 Things You Should Do Before Starting A Website Redesign

If you're considering a new website redesign, before you do anything, there are a number of important things you need to consider before talking to your web designer or seeking out a design agency. To save you some time, below, I've outlined 5 things you should do before diving into your next website redesign project. […]

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