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How To Use Click And Scroll Heatmaps To Improve Your Website (Case Study)

Having a beautifully designed website that makes your business look appealing and professional to your ideal customers is just the start. If you have a website that is struggling to convert visitors into leads and customers, then you have a small problem on your hands. Beautiful and professional website design doesn't always mean that your […]

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Just Another Typical Day In The Life Of A Freelance Web Designer (Vlog)

OK, so I've got something cool and somewhat different to share with you in this post. I'm going to give you a sneak peek behind the scenes, and share my typical working day as a freelance web designer. If you've been following my updates here on this website, or if you're subscribed to my YouTube […]

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Why Building A "Set And Forget" Website Is A Bad Business Tactic

Before you sit down with your web designer or have a meeting with your design agency to discuss your website design or redesign ideas, first, read this post! In what is called traditional web design, usually, the goal of the project would be to create a beautiful website that meets all of your business goals […]

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How To Build A Custom Footer In WordPress Using Oxygen Builder

In this short video tutorial, I'll show you how to build a custom sitewide footer section for your WordPress website using a plugin called Oxygen Builder. A while back, I started using a new website building tool/plugin for WordPress called Oxygen Builder. Have you heard about it? Now, I haven't gotten the chance to write […]

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