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Please use this form to book a 2-hour consultation with us. Our consultation fee is €180 and is non-refundable. Once booked, we will email you to confirm the date and time of your choice.

Helping you create custom solutions with WordPress

Get help with your WordPress website

Need help setting up your WordPress website? We’re here to assist you with all of your technical setup and design-related questions. (Theme and plugin support not included.)

Get help with your Oxygen website project

Need help with designing your website with Oxygen Builder? From templating, to creating custom layouts, to adding CSS, we can help you. (We cannot provide any tech support using Oxygen. Please refer to the Official Oxygen tech support team for this.)

Get help with your Bricks website project

We’re still new to Bricks Builder, even though we’ve rebuilt our entire website with it. However, we can still assist you with your design-related concerns using Bricks. (We cannot provide any tech support using Bricks. Please refer to the official Bricks website for this.)

Important: Please note that 9:30am is the first, and up to 1:30pm GMT is the last available time slot that you can book each day. If you book a time slot before or after these times I will not be available to consult with you. Due to family commitments, I aim to end all consultations by 3:30pm GMT. If a time slot is not available for your desired date, I will let you know by email and arrange another suitable date and time.