Case Study: Fabrizio Van Marciano Re-Branding Project

The first step of reinventing my personal brand business as a web designer and developer was creating a full branding kit that was going to be unique and personal both online and offline.

Creating a brand identity for Fabrizio Van Marciano dot com has been an ongoing process since the start of 2015, but about a year ago, Samantha and I decided that we needed something that was going to stick around for a long while.

Creating a new Branding Kit for FVM included the following -

  1. Complete logo redesign.
  2. Creating customized website icons.
  3. Researching font styles and colors for web and print.
  4. Selecting a color palette.

Designing A New Logo

After some initial thoughts, ideas, and concepts drawn on paper, we decided to take one particular idea, that I personally liked very much, which was the three initials of my name, FVM. This seemed the most obvious option as my name was far too long to use to identify my personal brand.

The .FVM logo incorporates a complete custom-designed font style from scratch using simple shapes and curves. You will notice that a single curve is featured on the F character.

The 'dot' placed at the beginning of the initials/logo signifies a selector in CSS, again, which we thought was quite unique, relevant, and fitting.

We experimented with the new logo design and showcased it on social media and got some great feedback whilst doing so.

Experimenting With Color Palettes

Choosing the right colors for a brand is certainly a lot harder than it looks. We did a lot of research into color phycology and finding the right balance of tones to use.

There were essentially three colors, to begin with, a slight turquoise tone was included in the palette, however, we later felt that 3 colors created too much noise.

We chose to have orange present in our brand because it signifies friendliness, cheerfulness, and confidence.


Once we were satisfied with the new logo design, icons, colors, and font-styling, we spent the months that followed preparing our marketing materials in house, which included creating -

  1. Custom email signatures.
  2. Custom blog post images.
  3. Custom business cards and letterhead templates.
  4. Custom social media cover art and graphics.
  5. Custom YouTube channel artwork and video thumbnails.

Creating a branding package for our web design business was certainly a challenging but fun experience, and there were many elements that we liked from our research and design concepts we created along the way. But, we felt that using something that was clean, bold, and recognizable was very important to us.

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