Project: AAO Analytics Concept Logo Design

AAO Analytics is a fictitious analytical software company where we created a custom logo from sketch to a completed concept design.

This very short project required the following -

  1. Research and analysis.
  2. Creating mock sketches.
  3. Creating a first draft logo design using Affinity Suite.
  4. Finalizing the logo and exporting.

1. Research & Analysis

The research included studying various types of font styles for ideas and inspiration. Learning about the psychology of colors in branding and design was undoubtedly an enjoyable and eye-opening experience. Similarly was looking at other logos of actual companies.

Here are the Hex colors used for this project -

  1. Deep slate blue: #556B94
  2. Orange: #FFBC07

2. Creating Mock Sketches

The second step was to create some simple mock sketch designs using good old-fashioned pencil, ink, and paper. Coming from an artist, this was, of course, my favorite process of all. Please look at the drawings I created before settling on the shapes I wanted to use for the final design.

3. Creating The Logo In Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer is the choice of design software that I use to create custom logos and other graphics in-house. After the initial sketches, it was time to bring some of those shapes and ideas to life.

The final product was a high-quality, modern, fresh logo design ready for print or web. Once again, this was for an entirely made-up company; however, producing a real professional logo is the same.

Need A Custom Logo Like This?

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