The Complete WordPress + Oxygen Builder
Website Design Video Course

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Hello, Fabrizio Van Marciano here! If you've arrived at this page via my YouTube channel, then you've no doubt seen one of my Oxygen Builder video tutorials. Well, I have some good news for you. I hope to be launching my brand new complete WordPress + Oxygen Builder Website Building Video Course very soon. Take a look below to see what's coming!

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Learn how to build a pro website with Oxygen Builder

Do you love Oxygen Builder? Are you struggling to make your website look just the way you want it to?

It's time to quit messing around with your website once and for all. Let me teach you how to use one of the most powerful website building tools for WordPress, and ultimately help you create the perfect website for your business.

My complete WordPress + Oxygen Builder Web Design Video Course will take you step-by-step in building your website from the ground up. Plus, you'll get access to a host of bonus Oxygen Builder and CSS tutorials to help you supercharge your website. Grab the course below.

Learn how to use all of Oxygen Builder's core design features to build an epic website

Get access to over 40 high-quality video lessons and learn how to build beautiful and engaging conversion features for your website. From pricing tables, animated flip boxes, pop-up web forms, contact forms, responsive mega-menus, and more.

Learn how to build simple or complex components using visual design and code

Oxygen Builder gives you the best of both worlds. Learn how to combine visual design with your own custom code to create incredibly simple or complex features to make your website stand out. From stylish search forms to customized ordered lists, and more.

Get access to HTML & CSS snippets + tutorials to make your website pop out

There's no need to continue scouring the web for Oxygen Builder tutorials. The course comes with a bonus growing library of easy-to-follow Oxygen Builder video tutorials, as well as CSS tricks and hacks that you can use to completely transform your website.

My Oxygen Builder Course will teach you how to...

Set up a WordPress website locally
Install & activate Oxygen Builder
Create templates & reusable parts
Use Oxygen's core design features
Organize your site structure panel
Customize global styles & settings
Use divs and column layouts
Create and manage custom classes
Add your own custom HTML/CSS
Add cool effects and animations
Create and manage stylesheets
Make your website mobile-friendly
Build a cool blog
Build a blog archives template
Design a stunning homepage
Build an awesome contact page
Build a sleek contact form
Design a beautiful eBook sales page
Add a WooCommerce store**
Design product category pages**
Design product information pages*
Design a lead capture page**
Create a pop-up contact form
Access bonus Oxygen & CSS tutorials

And much more...

So, if want to learn how to build professional-looking websites with WordPress and Oxygen Builder, whether for yourself or your clients, click the button below to get notified when my course is released!

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** Additional sections and content to be added to the course as part of our course enhancement roadmap.

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