Creating Custom Forms Using Piotnet Forms (Complete Beginners Guide) [Videos 23m:01s]

This tutorial will cover all the basic steps for creating custom forms using Piotnet forms. We will cover everything from installing and activating the plugin and adding your license key, to creating and styling the forms.

About Piotnet Forms

Before learning about Piotnet Forms myself, I was quite happy with what I was using at the time, that being WPForms. I’ve been using WPForms since around 2014 and for the most part, it was OK for what I needed it for.

WPForms is very powerful and incredibly popular. It’s a great choice if you’re looking for a much simpler solution for creating web forms, although the ability to customize the forms is another issue entirely.

The other issue with WPForms is that it can get very expensive if you’re thinking about using the plugin on more than one website long-term. I bought into Piotnet Forms LTD at a low price back in 2022, but even now, with its current price structure, it makes it very appealing when compared to the competition.

For example, the Pro License of WPForms only lets you use the plugin on 5 websites. But you have to pay a whopping $399 each year unless you’re lucky to get a deal. But then wait till the renewal fees kick in.

Piotnet Forms, on the other hand, granted it’s not as popular, but equally just as powerful and highly customizable, the Expert License lets you use the plugin on 100 websites at a well-priced $99.

Yes, I know it’s not always about costs. But in this present climate, I would say value plays a pretty important role.

Getting Started with Piotnet Forms

OK, so let’s get started. We will assume that you are completely new to Piotnet Forms, so we’ll start right from the beginning.

If you haven’t yet purchased your copy of Piotnet Forms [Aff Link], click this link to head over to their website and grab a license.

Over the next few steps and videos, we’re going to look at creating a custom form, and then styling it with some CSS. But first, let’s go through the steps to get set up with Piotent Forms.

1. Installing and activating Piotnet Forms

Once you have obtained a copy of Piotnet Forms, along with a valid license key, download it from your Piotnet Forms accountSee the image below.

Head over to your WordPress website admin, and navigate to Plugins > Add New > Upload. Drag the Zip File for the Piotent Forms plugin into the uploader and click on Install Now. Or you can simply click on Choose File and select the Zip File from your computer.

When prompted, click on Activate plugin at the admin level. –

Next, you will need to activate the license for your Piotnet Forms plugin. You should see a prompt to do this from your Piotnet Forms settings page in WordPress.

Follow the instructions to complete the license activation

Now that we’ve installed and activated Piotnet Forms, we can begin going through some of the settings, including creating and styling our first custom contact form. You can continue reading or watching the videos below.

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