Creative Design And Branding

74% of marketers are making visual content their number one priority as means to create more engaging content for their audience and customers.

When it comes to creating an online brand that sticks in people's minds, visual content in the form of beautiful images and graphics should not be an afterthought, but part of your marketing strategy.

With social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest making visual content sharing a top priority, this including video content, businesses cannot afford to make do with mediocre images and graphics that look dated and uninspiring.

If you want to build a stand-out brand and send the right message to your target audience and potential customers, your logo, icons, graphics, and content marketing visuals need to be top-notch.

Did you know that over 90% of marketers said they used visual content in more than 50% of the articles they published online?

So, you're well aware of the importance of using relevant and communicative visual content in your marketing, so, let's work together to bring your graphic design ideas to life.

Here are just a few of the products I can create for you -

  1. Professional logos
  2. Custom website icons
  3. Social media profile artwork
  4. Infographics
  5. Featured blog post images
  6. Custom YouTube video thumbnails/channel artwork
  7. Podcast cover artwork
  8. Website hero-images
  9. PDF/eBook cover artwork
  10. Infographics
  11. Branded print-ready marketing templates/material
  12. Custom printable forms
  13. iOS app artwork design
  14. Business card artwork design templates, and much more...

My logo design process 

Creating a logo for your website and business is an exciting process that takes time. Your logo represents everything you and your brand stands for. It should be inspiring, communicative, and unique.

Here is my process for designing a logo for you -

The infographic below illustrates the simple process that I take to create a professional looking, flat-design logo from start to finish.

Step #1 - The first step in designing the perfect logo for your website is for me to draw up some concept ideas based on any information that you provide.

You can send me some examples of logos that you like, or perhaps you have a rough sketch of a logo you created yourself that I can work from.

After sketching a few logo ideas on paper, I will present them to you (PDF) to get your thoughts before moving forward with the main design.

Step #2 - The next stage is to create some simple custom shape elements using Affinity Designer for the logo drafts.

At this stage, several examples of the logo are created using a variety of shapes, curves, colors, effects, and typefaces.

Step #3 - In stage three of my logo design process, you can pick one or two designs that you'd really like to move forward with.

I will then continue to refine the designs based on any additional information you provide, before presenting to you the first final draft.

The final design of the logo can be exported in various file formats for you, including - jpeg, png, pdf, eps, psd, svg, and more. You can request for whatever format to have your logo exported in, using the form below.

Are you ready to start creating your branding kit?

Whether it's a simple logo design you need or a full-blown visual branding kit, I'm here to help you get what you need.

Just fill out the Graphic Design Form below, providing as much information as possible. Tick the boxes that apply to your needs, and I will get in touch with you via email shortly after to discuss your project further, and to provide you with a design cost and time estimate.

If you have any questions before you submit the form, contact me using this form.

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