Frequently Asked Questions


#1. What types of websites can you create for me?

I work primarily with bloggers, entrepreneurs, business consultants, authors, public speakers, podcasters, creative people, video marketers (vloggers), and niche marketers.

Unfortunately, at this time, my website design services are NOT available to real estate companies (Estate Agents or individuals), betting or gambling agencies, adult-themed companies or agencies, or eLearning companies.

#2. Can you create an e-Commerce website for me?

I run an eCommerce business as a second venture, so absolutely yes! I would be more than happy to discuss your ideas for an eCommerce website.

I have extensive knowledge and experience with setting up WordPress in an e-commerce environment and WooCommerce integration, online payment setup and checkout configuration, product management, and more.

#3. What about web hosting?

I can take care of that for you too. If you need professional, secure, and reliable hosting for your new website, I offer a single affordable price plan with a host of features and benefits. Click here to learn more about my pro website hosting plan.

If you prefer to seek out your own web hosting, I use and recommend SiteGround or Kinsta.

#4. OK, great! What do I need to get started?

If you start from a completely blank canvas, you will first need to submit your initial web design inquiry form to get the ball rolling.

Once you have sent this, head over to my web hosting plan page to grab 12 months hosting plan ($29 per month). If you prefer to seek out your own web hosting, see the links above.

Once you have done both of those things, I'll schedule a slot for us to have an in-depth strategy meeting via Skype or email. Preferably Skype. Our call should last 30 minutes or so.

#5. How much will a fully customized website cost me?

This really depends on the scope of work required for your project. Please view my Growth-Driven Design price structure here.

#6. How do I pay for my website?

I use the Wave App to send out deposit and final payment invoices. Payments can be made online via Stripe or PayPal from the link within your email invoice.

#7. How long will my website take to complete?

I follow the GDD methodology and provide GDD services, and under normal circumstances, I aim to have a launchpad website ready for launch within 30 to 60 days, however, this depends on several major factors.

  1. The scope of work required for the site.
  2. Communication.
  3. The number of revisions/edits requests for pages/design elements/content. In which case, the design stage can take up to 90 days or more.

If you have a deadline to meet, simply make this clear to me when we have our initial meeting.

#8. If I don’t like my website after you have created it, can I get a full refund?

No, due to the nature of the work involved, refunds are not available for any of my services.

If you are not happy with your website after it has been created, for any reason, we can put together a new plan of action for the changes you would like to have made.

#9. How will you communicate with me?

After our initial Skype/Zoom video call, I will continue to communicate with you and keep you updated on progress either via email or the Slack App.

We can also arrange to have additional Skype meetings, however, I do charge for my time.

#10. Can you create content/copy for my website?

Due to individual needs, I cannot create any custom content or professional copy for your website or for your blog. However, I can refer you to an experienced and certified content writer to help you. Simply let me know in your inquiry form.

#11. Will you optimize my website for search engines? (apply SEO)

Your website will be SEO ready, however, we can discuss specific optimization requirements during the Strategy Stage of the design process.

#12. Will my website have social media buttons?

Your website will have icons for your social media channels. It will also have buttons on relevant pages, i.e. the blog pages, for social sharing. I recommend using the Social Snap Plugin.

#13. Will my website have a blog installed?

Yes, absolutely, unless you otherwise state that your site does not need a blog. We can go over the details during the Strategy Stage of the design process.

#14. I need a custom logo, custom graphics icons, and images for my site, can you help me with these?

Yes, absolutely. Please take a look at my graphic design services page here for more information. Again, we can discuss the details during the Strategy Stage of the design process.

#15. Can you create a custom sales landing page or email capture page for my website?

Yes, I can, we can discuss your business and website conversion goals in the Strategy Stage of the design process.

#16. What about forms for my website?

Again, we can discuss your conversion goals in more detail during the Strategy Stage. I can create any kind of custom form, from a simple contact form to unique inquiry forms, and more.

#17. Any more questions?

If you have a question that is not listed above, feel free to get in touch with me here.


#1. What types of graphics can you create for me?

We can create most types of custom graphics for both the web and print. Primarily we have extensive experience with commercial projects such as logo and icon design, marketing and collateral graphic design, website graphic design, etc.

#2. What tools do you use for creating custom graphics?

We use Affinity Creative Tools in our business. Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo, and Affinity Publisher.

#3. What formats can you export graphics work in?


We do not export in AI (Adobe Illustrator) or ID (InDesign) formats.


#1. What types of videos can you create for me?

We work with all kinds of businesses and individuals that require professional video production and editing. We have listed the types of videos we can create here.

#2. Can you provide drone video footage?

We do have a drone registration Flyer ID and Operator ID with the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority), however, we do not have CAA permission to use our drones for commercial use at this time, and so for that reason, we cannot provide drone video production or drone video editing for commercial use. You can learn more here.

#3. How do you export videos?

We use Final Cut Pro to edit all our videos. The video codec is set to H.264 at a resolution of 1920 x 1080 which is the recommended setting for exporting.

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