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Everything you need to know about using our website, our membership, courses, and more.

Website Design

  • Types Of Websites
    What types of websites can you create for me?

    I work exclusively with bloggers, entrepreneurs, online business owners, and content creators.

  • eCommerce
    Can you create an eCommerce website for me?

    Yes, I have extensive knowledge and experience with setting up WordPress in an e-commerce environment using Oxygen, Bricks, and WooCommerce.

  • Web Hosting
    What about web hosting?

    For top-grade, professional web hosting, we recommend Siteground or Kinsta.

  • Getting Started
    What do I need to get started?

    If you already have your own web hosting and domain name, simply use our consultation form to book a 2-hour Zoom meeting with us. Our fee is $100 for the duration of the session, however, this will be taken off the total cost of your website design invoice. The price is non-negotiable or refundable.

  • After Consultation
    What happens after the consultation?

    After discussing your project, we’ll give you some time to decide whether you’d like to work with us. We do not put you under any pressure. In the meantime, we will go back and create a none-disclosure design contract and work schedule that focuses on developing a launchpad website within a set time frame for you. You then have 14-days to review the contract and schedule. The minimum time-frame is usually around 90 days to develop a launchpad site, however, this depends on the scope of work involved for the project.

  • Communication
    How will you keep me updated on progress?

    We believe in having good communication with all our clients. We use the project management tool Asana and the client collaboration app Slack.

Premium Content

  • Membership Content
    What does the membership give me?

    Our membership gives you access to everything from our premium tutorials, code snippets, to our online courses, and all future content. Help with web design projects is only available to pay-monthly members.

  • Membership Fee
    Will the membership fee increase?

    At the time of updating this FAQ page, the membership fee is set at €129 per year (€10.75 per month). The one-time fee is €399. We will review this fee much later on in 2023.

  • Premium Tutorials
    How many premium tutorials are there?

    We currently just have over 100 premium tutorials that cover using a range of WordPress related technologies, including using Oxygen and Bricks Builder, Meta Box Custom Fields, WPForms, Piotnet Forms, MemberPress, LearnDash, and more. We are working to add another 100 tutorials by the Summer of 2023.

  • Online Courses
    Does the membership include course access?

    Yes, all current and future website design courses. When you register to become a premium member, we will automatically create a separate username and password for you to access the course content. This is because the course content is hosted on a sub-domain. This is a manual process, so if you haven’t received your course username and password from us, please get in touch by quoting your order number which is located in your account dashboard.

  • Suggest A Tutorial
    Can I suggest a tutorial?

    Yes, by all means. We invite our members to request a tutorial and we’ll try our best to create it. We cannot fulfil all requests, obviously, but we do like to have ideas thrown our way.

  • Refunds
    What is your refund policy?

    Check out the terms of service page for information on what our refund policy is.