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11 Ways To Turn Your Website Copy From Good To Freaking Mesmerising in 2024

Having a great-looking website is one thing. Making sure your copywriting is spot on is another thing entirely. Does your website copy educate, inspire and motivate your audience as it should? If not, then read on…

We’ll get to why writing good website copy matters later.

Here’s the thing you should know –

You don’t need to go overboard with your website copywriting to make it work.

You don’t need mountains of text either. All you need is two or three well-crafted paragraphs and you’re done. Quality, not quantity, right?

This doesn’t just apply to writing copy for your website but also blogging.

The truth is that these days, no one likes to read boring clunks of text filled with marketing jargon. It’s off-putting.

Worse case, it can kill your conversions. So, here are 11 simple and effective ways to turn your website copy from good to freaking awesome.

Let’s get to it.

  • Get rid of clunky chunks of text – These need to go. So, if your website is plagued with endless chunks of unreadable text, you need to rethink your copywriting strategy. Replace it all with a few well-written paragraphs that are honed in on your UVP.
  • Create magnetic headlines – It all starts with your headline. If it sucks, then your copy will go to waste and no one will read it. That’s because 80% of people start with the headline. There is a powerful tool you can use to test your headlines. It’s called Thrive Headline Optimizer. Check it out here.
  • Get to the point quickly – Don’t waffle on and on, get to the meaty bits of what value you’re offering. Look at this list post for example. It’s short and sweet and provides some easy-to-read bullet points.
  • Make it less sales-orientated – This is the biggest mistake I see a lot of small businesses make with their website copy. You don’t need to sound like a used-car salesman. Avoid making your copy “sales” at all costs. Check out this post to discover “sales” words to avoid.
  • Educate and inspire – I’ve always tried to market my business and website with useful and educational content. The more value you can bring to your audience, the more likely they’ll want to become your customers.
  • Don’t make it about you, make it about them – Your copy should not talk too much about you or your business. What it should do is talk about your customers. Their needs and wants. There’s a great quote by Dale Carnegie. It goes like this –
  • Make it human-friendly – By this, I mean to write your copy in a tone of voice that’s unique and recognizable to your audience. Develop a voice that will make your brand stick in people’s minds. Avoid using too many mumbo-jumbo words or corporate lingo.
  • Show your expertise – Use your blog to show your knowledge and expertise.
  • Make it easy to read – Again, your copy doesn’t need any marketing jargon for it to be successful. Remember to make it easy for anyone to read and understand.
  • Proofread your copy – Yep, an obvious tip, I know. And I’m sure you always check your copy for spelling and grammatical errors. But, it never hurts to check again, and again. According to TargetMarketing, a typo can cost 80% of conversions.
  • Split test – The only true way you’re ever going to know if your copy is working or not is to test it. Create some simple AB split tests. There are some free conversion tools you can use for this. Crazy Egg or HotJar are a few.

So, there you have it. Writing good website copy takes time. Testing is also very important too. Follow these simple steps and you’ll have copywriting for your website that will continue to work for you and your business for years to come.

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