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Fabrizio Van Marciano
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April 1, 2019

Well, here we are again. Launching a brand new website. I haven't launched a new site of my own since 2013, and boy does it feel great!

So, if you're totally brand new to FabrizioVanMarciano.com, firstly, I want to welcome you here warmly. If you want to learn more about me, what I do, and why I do it, be sure to check out my about page.

If you've arrived here from my blog over at Magnet4Blogging, well, you should know who I am.

So this website is kind of new. I originally launched it just over a year ago, but I never really had a purpose for it, until now.

With a completely new redesign and a new mission, FabrizioVanMarciano.com is now the official home for all of my creative services:

  1. Growth-Driven website design.
  2. Creative design and branding.
  3. Conversion rate optimization.
  4. Videography and film editing.

What can you expect to find other than my web design and creative services here at FabrizioVanMarciano.com?

Let me share what I have in store for you -

1. Blog

Blogging has always been an integral part of my business and online strategy. I would love to emulate the success that I've had with Magnet4Blogging here with FabrizioVanMarciano.com, with a totally different perspective and direction.

So, while blogging will not be the 'unique value proposition' here on this site, rather my web design and creative services will be, you can still expect the blog content to be useful and of high-quality.

The blog here on FabrizioVanMarciano.com will focus on the following primary topics:

  • WordPress
  • Website design
  • UX design and testing
  • Code
  • Graphic design
  • Design inspiration
  • Webmaster
  • Website speed optimization
  • Website conversion rate optimization

If any of those topics are of interest to you then be sure to stick around.

2. Tools and Resources Page

Next up, I've also created a dedicated page listing all of the tools, apps, services, and resources that I use in my business as a freelance web designer, front-end developer, and inbound marketer. Be sure to take a look here.

3. Portfolio and Projects

Now, this page I'm really excited about because you will find my portfolio of web design projects that I've completed, as well as projects that I'm currently working on.

The portfolio and projects page will also showcase work that I'm doing as a graphic design and videographer in the future.

Visit my portfolio page here.

What's in store for the future?

In addition to the items listed above, I have plans to also launch some exciting new products, including an eBook, and a brand new website conversion optimization video course. Of course, I'll reveal more details on these closer to the time.

And finally, I'll also have a new code shop launching in the summer, which will contain high-quality, well-documented code-snippets which you can use and customize in your WordPress website to add functionality without the use of a plugin.

So, lots more to come and I'm pretty excited about it all. I hop you are too.

Your feedback is much appreciated

I would very much like to invite you to submit any feedback that you may have about my new website, and if there are any grey areas that you think I could improve upon, I'd love to hear about them. You can use this form to send your feedback and suggestions. Just select feedback from the dropdown menu.

Right then, that's it from me for now, thanks again for visiting, and I look forward to seeing you on this site more often. Until the next post, take it easy and take care.

Fabrizio Van Marciano.

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