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MemberPress: How to create memberships [Article]

In this post, you’ll learn how to create simple membership plans in WordPress using the MemberPress plugin.

Note: This tutorial presumes that you already have the MemberPress plugin installed and activated, ready to go. If you don’t have this plugin and would like to learn more, visit MemberPress here. I’m not an affiliate of MemberPress, though we do use their product on this website.

What is MemberPress?

Without going too deep into detail, MemberPress is an all-in-one membership plugin for WordPress. It is a premium plugin and at the time of writing this, there isn’t a free version available. This is the plugin we use to create the membership plans here on Fabrizio Van Marciano Dot Com.

MemberPress has everything you need to add and manage memberships to your website. Moreover, it works great with Bricks Builder, although there is no official word on its compatibility.

If you’re in the mindset of creating a membership site with WordPress, regardless of what theme you’re using, then we would recommend using MemberPress.

OK, so in this quick tutorial, I’m going to show you how to create a membership plan for your website. I’ll be using a dummy WordPress website for this. If this is your first time using MemberPress, then this lesson is for you. Let’s get started –

Once again, I’ll presume you have this plugin installed, and activated already.

Step 1 – In the WordPress admin area, navigate to MemberPress > Memberships > and click on Add New. Give your first membership plan a name, for example, Starter.

Step 2 – Scroll down to the meta box and inside of the membership options, you’ll see four tabs –

  1. Registration – Here you can change the registration button text call-to-action, enable a custom thank you page, set a membership welcome email, customize payment methods and user info, and access shortcodes. The shortcodes will be useful if you are planning to design a custom membership page using Oxygen or Bricks Builder.
  2. Permission – Here you can set who can see this membership option and add a custom ‘no permission’ message.
  3. Price box – If you want to display a price box, you can add some content here such as a title, a list of benefits, and a CTA button.
  4. Advanced – Here you can add a URL to access the membership after someone has paid, set membership pricing terms, login redirects, and user roles for this membership plan.

If you’re using Oxygen or Bricks Builder to design a unique pricing table, like the membership page on our website, you don’t need to fill most of these in.

By the way, I have a separate membership signup page design video tutorial you can check out here.

Step 3 – Next, you can set your membership terms and price. You can also set the billing type and interval.

Now you can Publish your membership plan and view it on the front end. So now you know how to create memberships, you can go back and create more.

So what next?

As I mentioned, the next step is to design your membership signup page. Check out the link above to the tutorial to learn how to do this.

Need help setting up your memberships?

If you have any questions or need a step-by-step guide on setting up memberships on your WordPress site using MemberPress, you can check out my WordPress consultation services.

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