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Pro WordPress Tutorials

Unlimited access to all current and future members-only WordPress written and video tutorials.

HTML + CSS Code Snippets

Access to our expanding library of explicit Bricks Builder or Oxygen Builder code snippets to use in your projects.

Oxygen Builder + Bricks Builder Courses

Unlimited access to the Oxygen Builder, WooCommerce, and Bricks Builder website design video courses.

Project Support*

Request personalized support for implementing any of the tutorials in your website projects.

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* Technical support

Membership does not include tech support for Bricks, Oxygen, or any third-party software or application mentioned or used in the video tutorials. Please refer to the official tech support teams for each of the products via their respective website.

Membership cancellation

If you are a pay-monthly member and wish to cancel your membership, you can do so at any time via your membership dashboard.

Refund policy

Our refund policy is simple. If you are unable to implement any of the techniques and methods that are shown in the tutorials, even after offering our assistance, we will issue you a refund providing the following criteria have been met: 1) You have requested a refund within the 21-day guarantee period. If your subscription has lasted longer than this period, we cannot issue you a refund. For more details on refunds and cancellations please read our full terms page.

Future content roadmap

We have a dedicated page where you see what content we’re working on for future releases for the membership. You can also use this page to request a tutorial via our contact page. We can’t always guarantee we’ll create it, but if we know about it, we’ll consider adding it in the future.

* Project support

Project support is available on both the quarterly and lifetime membership. Support means we can help you implement a tutorial into your project to get the results you want.

Suggest a tutorial

We invite our members to suggest a tutorial. We’d be happy to add it to the list for consideration.