Oxygen Builder Tutorial: Nested Divs And Custom Classes

Written by
Fabrizio Van Marciano
Posted on
February 16, 2021

Here is another video tutorial for you. Here you'll learn how to use nested divs and custom classes to help you create unique layouts for your website design projects, using the Oxygen Builder plugin for WordPress.

In traditional web design, you would create a basic HTML template for building the structure and layout of your web pages. In WordPress, however, this hasn't been so easy over the years.

You could argue the editor in WordPress is very limited. Yes, you have Gutenberg blocks now available, but it's still quite limited.

Of course, theme builder plugins like Oxygen Builder changes that completely. You don't need to know HTML to use Oxygen, by the way.

The Oxygen page editor's structure panel is all you need to create sections and apply columns and divs to build your layout. The only limit is your imagination.

In the video below, you'll see how easy it is to use divs, nested divs, and apply custom classes to your elements and work as a real web design pro! After all, Oxygen Builder is a professional tool.

Watch the vide below to learn more about using nested divs and custom classes for your web design projects.

If you have any questions or would like to request a tutorial on something specific to do with Oxygen Builder, get in touch with me here.

Tools you need to start your own website

  1. Siteground Hosting (Affiliate link)
  2. WordPress: https://wordpress.org
  3. Thrive Suite (Affiliate link)

More Oxygen Builder tutorials?

If you're interested in checking out more WordPress and Oxygen Builder tutorials, here is the Oxygen Builder Playlist link on my channel.

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