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Piotnet Forms Review: Complex, yet Powerful Form Builder Plugin for WordPress! But is it worth your time and money?

I’ve finally gotten around to writing my review of Piotnet Forms. I’ve waited over a year before deciding to write this review. Why? Because I wanted to experience as close to everything this form builder plugin had to offer before either praising or bashing the heck out of it 🙂

What can you expect from this Piotnet Forms review? Mostly positive but there are some things that I’m unsure about as you’ll find out later.

I’m probably a dinosaur when it comes to using WordPress. I started my first WordPress site back in 2009, six years after the launch of WordPress. Since then, I’ve seen so many changes.

WordPress has certainly evolved into something incredible and with website builder tools like Elementor, Bricks, Breakdance, and Oxygen, I don’t think there’s been a more exciting time to use WordPress than right now.

When it comes to expanding the functionality of WordPress, plugins play a crucial role. Talking of which, I’m here to deconstruct Piotnet Forms. Well, at least to review it as best I can.

I won’t just talk about the features and all of the bells and whistles that make Piotnet Forms a great all-round plugin because, for the most part, you can learn all about those things in more detail on the website itself here.

So, without further ado, Let’s dive right into it. Here’s what we’re going to cover –

What is Piotnet Forms?

Piotnet Forms is exactly what you think it might be. It is a visual form builder plugin for WordPress. However, that is just putting it mildly. In its true form (no pun intended), it is more than that. Piotnet Forms is not just a contact form plugin, you can build almost any type of web form you need for your website’s conversion goal!

Piotnet Forms Review for Bricks Builder

Piotnet Forms is also highly customizable. Meaning that you have control over every single design element and engagement feature for your forms. This is what makes Piotnet Forms different from the likes of WPForms or Gravity Forms, but I’ll talk about that in just a second.

Get Piotnet Forms: Learn More Here.

What makes this plugin different from other premium form builder plugins?

As I mentioned, Piotnet Forms stands out as one of the best WordPress form builder plugins in the market. This is because of the incredible flexibility that it comes with regarding customization and integration. More about this later.

Unlike other form builders where you only have templates in which to customize, with Piotnet Forms, you can build a custom form from the ground up, starting with a blank canvas. But this is just the start of what makes Piotnet Forms different.

As a web designer, I love having the ability to build custom-branded forms without limitation and without adding a tone of code bloat to a website. Piotnet Forms is lightweight. A standard form will only add 11kb to your page.

One thing though, even though I think highly of this plugin, it is not as easy to use as other WordPress form plugins. Yes, there is a nice drag-and-drop canvas or builder editor, but many of the options require you to know a little bit about CSS.

All that being said, once you have found your way around, the possibilities are endless.

Is Piotnet Forms user-friendly?

As I mentioned just a few seconds ago, Piotnet Forms is not one of the easiest plugins to use. Especially if you are new to WordPress and web design. However, one thing I will say is that you will learn quickly and once you have found your way around, it’s so much fun to use.

Generally speaking, if you have no idea what margins, paddings, hexadecimal color codes, custom CSS, borders, etc. are, then you will struggle until you understand some basic CSS.

So to recap on this, it isn’t user-friendly at first. The options available are quite overwhelming because there are so many of them. You will not need to use every single design feature and option in Piotnet Forms, but it is worth knowing what you can do.

Check out some of the tutorials I have on Van Marciano Pro (launching later this year).

What can you do with Piotnet Forms?

Of course, that was going to be the next question 🙂

What you have to remember is that Piotent Forms is more than just a regular contact form plugin. You can create any type of form you need to meet your website’s conversion goal. Here are some ideas –

  1. Simple and complex contact forms
  2. Guest post submission forms
  3. Consultation booking forms with payment option
  4. Food order forms
  5. Online order forms
  6. Multi-step forms
  7. Questionnaires
  8. Feedback forms
  9. Email signup forms (Integrate a provider, ConvertKit, etc.)

Piotnet Forms has features that give you more control and capabilities such as conditional logic, dynamic fields, repeater fields, form abandonment, and more. The list is quite extensive, so I recommend checking all of their advanced features and integrations list here.

Learning to use all of these features will take some time, though you will not need to use every single option to make the most of this plugin.

Get Piotnet Forms: Learn More Here.

Piotnet Forms features

As I said at the start, I didn’t want to focus purely on features since you could find all of these via the Piotnet Forms website where they’re continuously updating the list of features. However, there are some standout features that I will list below –

  • Import – Import form templates created using Piotnet Forms on another website.
  • Database – Access all entries made using your forms from your visitors. You can also export entries via CSV.
  • Abandonment – Create and view form abandonment forms
  • Integrations – Integrate Piotnet Forms with a host of applications including Google Docs, Sendinblue, and ConvertKit.
  • Forms shortcodes – You can embed a form shortcode anywhere on your website pages or blog. Great if you are using a page builder to add your forms.
  • License manager – Manage where you use Piotnet Forms. Great if you are building client websites.

Above: Example of seamless form design in page using Piotnet Forms shortcode with Oxygen Builder.

What about updates and support?

When it comes to plugin updates and support, Piotnet Forms are amongst the best in the business. You can expect to find full documentation and resources on their website, which is frequently updated, as well as a roadmap and Facebook Community.

Pros and cons of Piotnet Forms

As with any premium WordPress plugin, there are good and bad things to say. I dislike the term pros and cons for starters. But, if you are paying good money for a premium plugin you would expect to experience very few cons, but here are some of the things I like and dislike about Piotnet Forms –

Things I like 👍

  • Super affordable and the best value for money from any premium form builder plugin. The Expert plan currently costs $99 per year, to use on up to 100 websites. Compare that with the WPForms Plus Plan, at the same price but to use on only 3 websites.
  • Lightweight beyond belief. Piotnet Form’s standard form will add just 11KB to your website’s loading size.
  • The ability to customize every aspect of your forms with precision to the layout and design to match the look and feel of your website.
  • Ability to create multi-step forms.
  • Integrate with a host of third-party applications such as WooCommerce, PayPal, Stripe, Meta Box, ACF, and more.
  • Easy-to-use drag-and-drop visual form builder editor.
  • Easily make your forms responsive!
  • Great support, community, and documentation!
  • Piotnet Bricks is one of many add-ons available at extra cost. If you use Bricks Builder, I recommend it, however, it is not something you need to make Piotnet Forms work.

Things I don’t like 👎

There are some things that niggle me about Piotnet Forms, here they are –

  • Too many options! Is that really a problem? Not as such because I love having all of those options at my disposal. However, if you are new to WordPress and web design, the options can feel overwhelming at the best of times.
  • There’s a bit of a learning curve at first since there are lots of options to consider and tabs to navigate around. I’m a bit of an impatient individual and like to jump right into things and start using them. Piotnet Forms is not one of those plugins and will take some time to learn how to use it. But once you’ve found where everything is, you’ll love using Piotnet Forms. Moreover, I have some great tutorials available on Van Marciano Pro, and I’ll be adding more shortly.
  • Customizations sometimes don’t appear on the back end. Meaning, that on occasion I’ve found that if I customize a button, for example, the changes don’t appear in the preview window immediately or after saving. Often I have to disable the cache plugin, or flush the cache server side and then reload the front end to preview what I have changed. There, I’ve probably confused you even more now. But it is nothing too big but can be quite frustrating at times.


To summarize, Piotnet Forms may not be as big and popular as other mainstream WordPress plugins such as WPForms and Gravity Forms, but from a technology standpoint, in my opinion, it stands above many of these other form builder plugins.

There are a few things that could be improved, and over time I believe they will be. I honestly believe in time, Piotnet Forms will become extremely popular among more WordPress users and this is one plugin I will continue to use for many years to come.

Should you buy Piotnet Forms and where can you get this awesome plugin?

So, is it worth spending more money on yet another contact form builder? It depends.

If you are currently using a contact form plugin that you are unhappy with, I recommend checking out Piotnet Forms and finding out for yourself. But, if the plugin you’re using is enough, then don’t bother. Why fix something that isn’t broken? Piotnet Forms isn’t for everyone, there is a bit of a learning curve to experience, and a few design delay bugs here and there, but the plugin is constantly being improved. And once you are used to it, you’ll become hooked. Enjoy.

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