How To Change Post Date From Published To Last Updated In Oxygen

Written by
Fabrizio Van Marciano
Posted on
May 31, 2020

Welcome to another Oxygen Builder Video Tutorial. Don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel here for more videos in the future.

In this post and video, you'll learn how to easily use the WP Last Modified Info plugin to change the post date format for your WordPress posts inside of Oxygen Builder.

If you built your site with Oxygen, there's no need to hack your theme's template files or use complicated scripts. All you need is the shortcode generated from WP Last Modified Info plugin and add it to your blog's Oxygen Post Template.

Check out this tutorial on how to create a post template for your blog using Oxygen Builder.

Why change the date format?

Some bloggers prefer to use the 'Post Last Updated' format as opposed to the 'Post Published On' format.


If a blog post that's been published a few years ago has recently been updated, it's often a good idea for people to know that the post has been updated with fresh and relevant content. In this case, displaying the 'Post Last Updated' format makes a lot of sense.

Also, search engines like to display the date published for blog posts. So if the post date is a few years old, some people might not click on the post in the search listings with the thought that the content could be out of date.

OK, so go ahead and watch the video tutorial below for the more detailed process on changing the post date to 'last modified' for your blog posts -

If you want to add your own custom CSS to your Last Updated Info, here is the CSS selector. Simply copy this and paste it into Stylesheet and modify it.

.post-last-modified-td {
     font-weight: bold;

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