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How To Create And Use Templates And Reusable-Parts In Oxygen Builder

Continuing on in our series of tutorial videos using Oxygen Builder, in this video post, we’re going to dive into templates and reusable elements. From how to create them and how to use them in your projects.

I’m sure by now you’ve probably realized that I’m a huge fan, user, and advocate of the Oxygen Builder Website Building Tool for WordPress.

Oxygen Builder is now my primary tool of choice when it comes to building custom websites for personal and client projects. It is the most powerful website builders out there that offer incredible flexibility when it comes to customization.

In the last video tutorial, we looked at predefining global styles, so let’s now dive into templates and reusable parts.

What Are The Templates And Reusable Parts In Oxygen?

Let’s start with templating.

Templates are used to define the overall style of your WordPress website. Using templates in Oxygen essentially acts as building blocks to your theme.

You may create a global template for your custom footer and header, a blog archives template, a post template, a static page template, a custom 404-page template, etc.

In future tutorials, we’ll dive deeper into templating and creating some attractive landing page designs for your website.

Reusable parts, on the other hand, are sections and building blocks that make up your templates. For example, let’s say you create a hero-section for your homepage template. You can save that hero-section as a reusable part to use on another page you’re going to build using Oxygen.

OK, so hopefully you better understand the logic behind templates and reusable parts. For better understanding, check out my short video tutorial below.

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