Are These 11 Web Design Features Ruining Your Conversions?

Here are some web design features that could be causing havoc on your conversion rates. If you have any of these on your website, consider either removing them or using a more suitable alternative or method. Web design trends come and go. Some come along and last for a while, and even become game changers, […]

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How To Use Click And Scroll Heatmaps To Improve Your Website (Case Study)

Having a beautifully designed website that makes your business look appealing and professional to your ideal customers is just the start. If you have a website that is struggling to convert visitors into leads and customers, then you have a small problem on your hands. Beautiful and professional website design doesn't always mean that your […]

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15 Web Design Stats And Facts You Shouldn't Ignore

Are you thinking about creating a new website, or updating your existing one? Hold up! First, check out these 15 eye-popping web design stats and facts. Cast your memory back to 15 years ago, if you can. That's roughly when I started my first online business journey. Back then, creating a website for your business was not easy, nor […]

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12+ Free And Paid Website Optimization Tools You Need To Check Out!

These days, when it comes to doing website optimization, we have access to a whole library of tools, apps, plugins, and services. There's really no reason to go stabbing around in the dark or wasting time and money hiring a marketer to optimize your site for you, when you can find the right tool and […]

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