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Fabrizio Van Marciano

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branding project

Project: Veloify Branding Kit & Logo Design + Website UI Design

This is an archived branding project for a startup.

Veloify is an electric bicycle company based in Belvaux in France. The company approached us for our expertise and services to create a branding kit, including a company logo.

Veloify is an electric bike startup company. This branding project was one of the most exciting ventures for me, personally, since I was given complete creative freedom to come up with something unique and compelling for the client.

With kind permission from the brand owner, we’re able to share the branding kit and logo design we created.

The process

As with all of our creative projects, the first step was to collaborate with the client and discuss ideas. We created a plan and strategy for the creation of the branding kit and the logo.

The branding kit took around 28 days to complete. Usually, it doesn’t take this long. However, we wanted to create something special for this client, and so many revisions were required to get this right.

I started with some simple sketches in my trusty sketchbook. I used to be an artist, and so this was, of course, my favorite part of the process.

It didn’t take me too long to come up with a sketch that my client really liked.

Since the logo is text-based, the typeface had to be unique. Drawing inspiration from specimens like Poppins Bold and Orbitron Black, I came up with something that was bold and modern.

Each character that makes up the V E L O I F Y logo is unique. Two of the characters ended up being slightly modified, which worked in favor of this style of the logo.

After finalizing the logo and getting approval from the client, the next step was to bring the logo to life in my favorite graphic design tool, Affinity Designer.

Quite a few revisions were made with the vector version of the logo, but the final result was well received by our client.

The Branding Kit

The branding kit is made up of the main Veloify logo design, logos, and icons for each of the bicycle models, including a color palette and Webfont selection for a website project.

Website UI/UX design

The next phase of the design project for Veloify was a complete eCommerce UI/UX mock design. Once again, this was done using Affinity Designer. The mocks included –

  1. Product information page
  2. Product category page

All of the design elements below were created and rendered in-house.

  • Custom UI icons
  • Page navigation icons
  • Custom CTA and Buy Now buttons
  • Custom forms and drop-down boxes
  • Custom links

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Disclaimer: The Veloify logo is copyrighted and owned by Veloify.