Videography And Film Editing

Using video in your digital marketing strategy is an incredibly powerful way to increase brand awareness, educate your customers, and, of course, a great way to promote the continued growth of your business.

Let's kickstart with some interesting statistics -

  • 500 million hours of video content are watched on YouTube every single day. (Source)
  • 85% of internet users in the US watch videos online. (Source)
  • Websites that use video converts better than websites that don't. (Source)

Which probably explains why 87% of online marketers today love using video.

So, are you using video in your business?

If you are, then good for you! Except you might be experiencing one small problem. Actually creating videos that look clean and professional!

Here's how I can help.

If you're looking for an experienced and creative film editor to help you turn your generic video files into professional-looking marketing video content, I can help you.

If you don't have any footage for me to work with and really need some professional videos created without breaking the bank, I can also help you out here.

I have been creating and using videos in my own business now for the last 11 years.

I live and work in the North Devon area (UK), so my videography services are always available to customers in and around Devon and Cornwall. That being said, I can also travel to London as well as the Canary Islands to provide my filming and editing services.

My professional video editing services are available to clients from all corners of the globe*

Here's how I can help you create amazing videos!

1. Raw video capturing

If you're planning on creating some powerful marketing or advertising videos for your business, whether it's a tour of your premises or an interview with your team members, or perhaps a video advertisement for your up and coming event, or anything else, we can arrange for a suitable date and time for me to come and capture footage for your project.

The quality of the capture really depends on your individual needs and budget, however, I can capture video in 1920 x 1080p at 25 or 50fps for more flexibility, or I can record in 4K at 24fps quality or higher.

I also believe that audio quality is equally as important as video quality, therefore I can ensure your videos are recorded with the highest quality, uncompressed, customized audio settings. This is important if you plan to speak over some of the video footage.

2. Raw video editing

If you have footage of your own that you would like me to review, edit and format, all you have to do is send me your raw video files in MP4 or MOV format, along with your storyboard ideas for turning your raw files into polished up videos.

I'll do all the creative stuff for you and even send you some samples of the mock videos so that you can make your own suggestions for changing the direction of your film, including changing the mode, adjusting lighting, adding filters used, color-grading, and more.

3. Visual & audio enhancements

If your video files are lacking vibrancy and tone, no need to worry. I can professionally color grade, as well as use some suitable LUT filters to make your video content look epic. Additionally, there's nothing worse than having poor audio quality in your video, as long as your audio is reasonably good, I can help enhance it further.

4. Custom Intros and Outros

Need a profession 10-second intro and outro for your marketing videos? Or perhaps you need a nice intro for your vlogs or even a full-blown trailer video for your YouTube channel?

I can create these completely from scratch and even incorporate your brand colors, logo and marketing message with professional voice-over.

Check out my YouTube channel video trailer below for some inspiration.

5. Titles & Annotations

You can send me your storyboard for me to work with, or you can simply let me know where you would like titles and annotations to be placed in your video.

6. Background Music

Do you have your own music* to include in your videos?

If you do, then great! I can professionally dub them into your video as well as add keyframes, adjust levels, EQs, and more. 

Even if you don't have any music, just let me know what kind of music you'd like included and I'll send you links to some samples you might like to use in your project.

*All the music that I use in my video projects is licensed for personal and commercial use.

7. Graphics & Effects

Adding effects to your videos, whether it's for your business or Vlog Channel on YouTube, can help make your videos stand out in a professional manner.

However, you really don't need to overdo it! You can simply share your ideas for the desired effects and graphics you would like and let me do the rest.

8. Transitions & Fadeouts

I can make the main scenes and b-rolls in your videos flow seamlessly together with subtle transitions and fadeouts.

9. Export to SD Card or Online Transfer

Whichever works best for you, if you need your videos urgently, I can arrange for your files to be transferred via DropBox or TransferNew.

Or, if you require your videos to be shipped to you, I can send it securely on an SD Card via tracked mail.

So, what kind of videos can I help you create? 

Here are some of the types of marketing videos I can help create and edit for you.
YouTube Channel trailer videos
Video/Vlog intros and outros
Vlog episode editing and exporting
Marketing videos for your products
Marketing videos for your services
Comapny tour videos
Interview videos
Product insight/tour videos
Online advertising videos
Social media videos
Behind the scenes videos
Tutorial/Explanation videos (Editing)
Online video courses
Infographic based videos
Sales and promo videos
Announcement videos
Portfolio videos
Personal profile videos

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