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10 Awesome Web Design YouTube Channels To Check Out

In this post, we’re going to look at 10 amazing and inspiring web design YouTube channels to subscribe and follow. Whether you’re just getting started as a freelance web designer or developer. Or if you’re looking for ideas to create your own web design vlogs, these channels should be right up your street.

Web design and development is getting increasingly popular. This is largely due to technology combined with the growing number of startup businesses sprouting all around the globe each year.

In fact, according to get2growth, there are roughly 100 million startups opening each year. That’s pretty staggering, right?

So, what does this all mean?

This means demand is somewhat growing for web designers and developers just like you.

The web design industry is an ever-changing and evolving one. With new technology comes new tactics, techniques, and methods to adapt to. New technology also means new tools and software to discover and learn how to use, and much more.

As a web designer and developer, it’s important to stay up to date, informed, and educated on the latest changes and web design trends. And so one of the best ways to stay informed is to follow web design blogs, tune into web design podcasts, and, of course, be subscribed to a few awesome web design channels over on YouTube.

Talking of YouTube, below are 10 awesome channels I think you should check out and be subscribed to.

The list of web design channels below will provide you with practical tutorials, motivation, and inspiration for your own projects.

OK, so let’s dive straight in.

Best web design YouTube channels to subscribe to

1. Alessandro Castellani

Alessandro Castellani is a talented, knowledgeable web designer, front-end developer, and YouTuber from Vancouver.

His videos are insightful and educational and focus on WordPress design, theme, and plugin development, and more.

You’ll find some of the best series of tutorial videos on his channel, with over 400 videos and 65,000 subscribers and counting.

I recommend watching some of his videos and subsrcibing to his channel here.

2. Flux

Ran Segall is a popular web designer and developer who uses videos and YouTube to share his work as well as the process he goes through as a designer.

His videos are powerful, useful, and focus on design case studies, design insights, portfolio building, projects using Webflow, and more.

Ran currently has over 700 videos and 70,000 subscribers, you can check out his channel here.

3. CharliMarieTV

Charlie Marie is a graphic and web designer in London who loves to create videos about design.

Her tutorial videos include building e-commerce websites using Webflow, building a website from start to finish, and she also has a vlog where she shares her experiences as a work from home freelance designer.

Her channel has more than 450 videos and 140,000 subscribers, and you can subscribe and follow her channel here.

4. Jesse Showalter

Jesse Showalter is a full-time designer and developer for a tech startup in Hawaii. His inspirational YouTube channel is filled with videos covering topics such as responsive design, coding, sketching, software reviews, and much more.

Jesse also has a vlog where he likes to share his life as a designer, his adventures with his family, freelance projects, and more.

Jesse’s YouTube channel has over 60,000 subscribers and 190 videos. You can become one of them by checking it out here.

5. Red Stapler

If your Kung-Fu is coding, you’ll love Red Stapler. This channel has a ton of useful, practical tutorial videos on CSS, JavaScript, PHP, AWS, plus videos on design inspiration, and more.

A great resource channel for developers alike, I think. The channel has over 58,000 subscribers with 240 videos. You can check it out here.

6. Adrian Stefan

Adrian Stefan is freelance designer and developer who loves to share his work and processes through his YouTube channel.

He uses videos to share how he packages and sells web design, pricing, as well as provide advice to new up and coming developers learning how to code, and the business of being a web designer.

Adrian has almost 3,000 subscribers, you can check out his channel here.

7. Stefan Mischook

Stefan Mischook is one of my favorite designers and developers on YouTube. His videos cover a range of topics on building a web design business, learning to code, business strategizing, web design tutorials and resources, and more.

His channel has over 115,000 subscribers and a whopping 1,420 videos. You can watch his videos and become a subscriber here.

8. Caler Edwards

Caler Edwards is a freelance designer and developer who loves creating practical and educational videos on UI/UX digital design, Adobe XD tutorials, and front-end development.

His channel has over 270 videos and more than 80,000 subscribers. You can follow him here.


Next up we get to MAKTV. Now, this guy’s channel covers a range of tutorials and walkthroughs using WordPress.

His channel has over 39,000 subscribers and counting. You can check out some of his videos here and also subscribe for future videos.

Fabrizio Van Marciano

Finally, I get to share my own YouTube channel with you.

I love to create videos about my life as a freelance HubSpot Growth-Driven designer and front-end developer, as well as review my favorite design tools, apps, and services. I love to create useful and practical WordPress tutorials, and I have a weekly vlog.

I only have around 500 subscribers and 60 videos, but I value each and every one of my subs and hope that I can continue providing value through my channel. There’s a lot more I have to share through video in the future.

You can subscribe for updates here.

It’s a wrap!

OK, so I hope you’ve enjoyed reading through this short post. Whether you’re starting up or just getting some inspiration, I hope you’ll check out some of these web design YouTube channels for yourself and that each of them provide value to you.

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