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I don’t believe that investing in quality and reliable website design should be an expensive, time-consuming, or stressful experience for any business or individual. I believe it should be an exciting, enjoyable, and rewarding journey, from start to finish.
Hi there. I’m Fabrizio Van Marciano, it's a pleasure to meet you!

You’ve obviously come to this page to learn more about my Growth-Driven website design services for one of two reasons:

1 - You need a brand new website, fast.
2 - You currently have a website, but it sucks so badly that it needs a complete overhaul.

Let's start with the first reason why you might be here, and that is you need a brand new website, fast. If this doesn't apply to you, then read on from 'You Currently Have A Website...'

If you have a business of any kind without a website, I want to share a very interesting statistic with you:
"According to SmartCompany, over half of all small businesses still don't have a website." - Source
Pretty shocking stuff, don't you think? - But I'm actually not surprised at all by this and here's why -

Unfortunately, many small business owners think that getting a website is either –

1 - Too expensive.
2 - Far too time-consuming to think about.
3 - Or worse, unproductive.

If you’re one of those individuals or small business owners, I really know how you feel. Really, I do.

Here's the thing –

1 - You don’t want to be put off by huge upfront costs when it comes to web design or redesign.
2 - You don’t want to be waiting around for months and months for a new website to roll out. And, when the new website eventually does launch, you don’t want to discover that it hasn’t impacted your business in any way later on down the line.

If your business already has a website, but it’s not working the way you hoped it would, then there’s something wrong entirely.

Either –

1 - You’ve been the victim of a broken traditional website design method and service.
2 - You’ve tried to do it yourself, but it just hasn’t worked out.

Why the old and traditional method of web design is broken?

Firstly, there are 4 good reasons why the old traditional method of building websites is broken.

1 - It’s expensive – As I mentioned earlier it requires huge upfront costs, money that you may not have to invest directly.

2 - Time and resource - It takes a huge amount of time and resources, and everyone’s patience is limited.

3 - Mediocre results - What you end up with, “eventually”, is a website designed based on assumptions and guesswork. In other words, you end up with a mediocre website. Sure, it might look great, but it won't move your business forward.

4 - Set and forget - Plus, the “set and forget” approach to traditional website design will leave you with fewer options for continued improvements and growth.

Essentially, what all this means is that you end up with website design, or redesign, that’s completely out of scope, over budget, and launched way past the desired deadline.

As an entrepreneur or business owner, not only have you wasted your time, money and energy, but you’ve also missed out on crucial opportunities to attract new leads, new customers, and sales to your business.

Frustrating stuff, right?

“Why” Growth-Driven Design is more effective?

Growth-Driven Design, (GDD for short), is a smarter and more effective approach to modern website design, and here are three reasons why


Growth-Driven Design reduces frustration and risks for your business.


Growth-Driven Design drives results based on real user-data analysis.


GDD will improve your business, on the whole, promote growth.
Take a look at the infographic below carefully, you can compare the impact that Growth-Driven Design can have compared to traditional website design over time:

Growth Driven Design: How does it work?

The GDD methodology is broken up into three key stages –

1. Strategy stage.
2. Launchpad stage.
3. Continuous improvement stage.

Let me explain how I use these three key stages when offering GDD website design services:

The Strategy Stage

Probably the most crucial step in the Growth-Driven Design Engagement Process is the Strategy stage.

Before I begin designing or even building any kind of website for you, I take the opportunity given in the Strategy stage to learn more about and fully understand your business, visions, and website goals.

If you’re looking to redesign an existing website, I will also take this opportunity to learn more about the current state of that website.

Here are some of the things we can take into consideration during the strategy stage:

1. Audience metrics for existing websites (Users, page views, bounce rate, % of new visitors, technology, etc.)

2. Buyer personas and journey mapping (Who are your customers? What do they like and what do they care about? What journey are they currently taking to reach your website’s conversion goal.)

3. User experience (Track and gather user data through the use of heat maps, click maps, and scroll maps.)

4. Website wish list (During the strategy phase, you'll have ample opportunity to discuss with me what items you would like to include in your design wish list. For example, new header style, new footer style, new items in main navigation, new branding package, logo, etc.)

Additionally, we can discuss any building blocks and new features that you would like included in the design or redesign process, however, we will focus on creating two lists. A list of must-have items, and a list of nice to have items.

During our initial strategy meeting, we can discuss all of these specifics, and much more.

The Launchpad Stage

Once we have everything covered during the strategy stage, I can then begin designing a launchpad website for you.

Depending on the size of the project and scope of work required, I aim to have the launchpad website ready for launch between 30 and 90 days.

The launchpad website will be fully mobile-responsive, and include all of the essential building blocks and features that is needed to make up the website.

At this stage, we will try and include some of your wish list items, but not all of them. The aim is to get a website out live for the world to see, and more importantly, working for your business.

The Continuous Improvement Stage

The Continuous Improvement stage is the next critical step in the Growth-Driven Design engagement process.

Once the launchpad website is live for the world to see, and more importantly, collecting crucial user-data, we can then begin looking at ways in which to use high-impact actions to improve the website and to furthermore drive results and promote growth.

As you will have probably guessed by now, the launchpad website is in no way the final product, but rather a foundation website on which you can continue building and optimizing on.

Here’s how:

By continuously learning what your visitors are doing on the launchpad website, including which pages they’re landing on, how much time they’re spending on those pages, and even which pages they’re leaving from, the better insight we will have, and smarter we will be at improving the website’s infrastructure.

We also collect other critical user metrics such as click and scroll events (heat maps) so that we can discuss building in new products and services to improve the customer’s journey, thus improving the website and your business’s overall conversion rate.

If you’re at all wondering to yourself, "why build a launchpad website" and not just a "set and forget, ready-to-roll-out website?" Here's why:
1. No website is perfect - There’s no such thing as the perfect website when designing, building, and launching a new website. Building a launchpad website allows us to collect valuable user-data and traffic metrics so that we can make informed decisions on how and where to make improvements quickly.

2. Less Risky - Since Growth-Driven Design requires lower upfront costs and time commitment, it is less risky than the ‘broken’ traditional method of website design.

3. Quicker Time-To-Value - More importantly, you are getting a quicker time-to-value and ROI. Please see the infographic below to see how?

Am I the right designer and developer for your project?

OK, so far I hope you’ve learned something valuable about the benefits of using Growth-Driven Design and understand the process and the impact it can have on your business.

Now, the next question is this:
Am I the right designer and developer for your web design project?
I’m a HubSpot Academy Certified Growth-Driven Web Designer and Certified Front-End Developer with over 8 years of experience in WordPress UX design and front-end development.
I have extensive knowledge and experience in writing HTML, CSS, and some PHP and JavaScript web programming languages.

I also have extensive knowledge and experience using a variety of WordPress website and page building tools such as Oxygen 2.0 and Thrive Architect.

I use and have access to many website optimization, CRO tools, and services.

I feel that I’ve been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with many talented and passionate bloggers, entrepreneurs, personal brand business owners, and even traditional brick-and-mortar business owners.

I have also worked with small startups and large multi-million dollar companies from around the globe, and I believe that I have the passion, experience, knowledge, and capabilities to help make a real impact on your business and website goals using smart and strategic Growth-Driven Design.

Are you ready to start working with me?

I’m eager to start helping you to grow your business the smart way.

Whatever the size of your business or however whacky your idea is for a website. Whatever your goal or mission is. Whatever your budget – If you’d like to book a Free 30 minute Skype Call with me, please fill out the Inquiry Form below.

Once I receive your inquiry, I will get in touch with you shortly after to book our call.

If you would prefer to communicate via email, simply make your preference in the form below.

I really look forward to having a friendly chat and hearing about your ideas, and hopefully, working with you soon.

If you have any questions related to my web design services or would like to learn more about GDD, please check out my Terms Of Service page here.

If you’d like to take a look at my design portfolio and recent projects, please click here.

I also have an FAQ page here.

– Fabrizio Van Marciano
Certified Growth-Driven Web Designer, Inbound Marketer, Front-End Developer.
Excellent experience working with Fabrizio. He did an amazing job with redesigning my Small Business blog. I have been sending referrals his way ever since. Keep up the great work! 
- Kim George -

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