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We’re building a new Platform, and we’d like you to come along [Updated March 1st, 2024]

In this post, I will share some news regarding a new platform that I am building in the new year (2024), and would like to invite you along to join me when we launch later in the Spring.

So last year Cyber Monday was the last of our #blackfriday sale and the last time we’ll be hosting a BIG sale for single-plan courses. I’ll talk about the all-access pass in just a moment.

So why am I ending the sale of single courses on FVM Courses?

In January, I’ll be starting the process of building a brand new platform and moving everything to an annual, quarterly, and lifetime subscription with what will be called Van Marciano Pro.

This means that all of the courses currently on FVM courses, plus all of the expert WordPress tutorials currently on the FVM Blog (premium tutorials) will be moved to one single platform. That being Van Marciano pro.

Van Marciano Pro will essentially offer yearly, quarterly, and lifetime memberships The membership will provide access to current and future website-building courses (Bricks, Oxygen, and eventually Breakdance), over 250 combined expert video tutorials, and course topics, downloadable website template files for Oxygen and Bricks, code snippets (HTML, CSS, PHP, and JS), and access to our closed Facebook group, and new Discord community!

It might sound like I’m promising a lot, right?

Well, if Mr. Elon Musk can build cool giant rockets 🚀 to move humans to Mars, I’m pretty sure I can fulfill my content plans for this year (2024). You’re not asking much from me 🙂

What’s so special about the membership and why can’t I just buy a single course anymore?

I’ve thoroughly loved creating the courses and I’ve enjoyed even more, reading all of the positive comments about how many of you have benefited from the course topics over the past few years.

Here’s the thing…

I want to dedicate more time to:

  1. Creating more expert tutorials and course content
  2. keeping the existing course content up to date
  3. Creating a pro-designed templates library (Coming in the Summer of 2024)
  4. Engaging more in a closed community (Discord)

And I can only do all of these things efficiently if everything is on one platform.

At the moment, I have content spread over my YouTube channel, FVM blog, and the main course website. With Van Marciano Pro, I can truly focus on making it the most valuable content platform for all of you lovely folks.

As I mentioned in the list above, I also want to build a library of resources over time (links to design resources, tools, etc.). This means I cannot keep selling my premium content for a one-time fee only, and continue working tirelessly to keep the content new, fresh, and relevant. It’s not a great long-term business model admittedly.

With the membership, I will have the dedication and time to invest in creating more content and adding more courses to the platform over time. There will still be the opportunity to buy everything and still receive timely updates and membership benefits in an LTD.

What about existing all-access course members on the course platform?

All existing all-access course members on the course platform + FVM lifetime pro membership members on the FVM website will receive a Special invitation to join Van Marciano Pro Lifetime Member for free! The invitation will be accessible via the member’s dashboard under the Upgrade tab.

If you do not see this special invitation, it will be because you purchased a single course after the 21st of November 2022. If you purchased a single course before this date, you can get in touch with me and I’ll be sure to send you an invitation when we launch. There is more information about this below under how single members can upgrade.

For GDPR reasons, I simply cannot just add members to the new site manually.

The launch date that we are working towards for Van Marciano Pro is around early to mid-March 2024, however, we are not planning to rush this, so we may decide we need an extra few weeks on the run-up to the launch date. The launch time is just an estimate.

But what about lifetime course updates for single course members?

If you don’t wish to upgrade to the all-access pass before we move to annual membership, you have a few options –

All single course members (those who purchased one course after the 21st of November 2022) will be able to continue accessing the course material from the course website. Updates will continue to be added to those courses, forever. Just to be clear, that will not end, just no new single-course or lifetime plans will be sold.

So in short, single course members will be able to continue logging in to access what they have purchased and receive updates to future versions of their courses.

So what can you do to become an all-course member, and why should you care?

By becoming an all-course access member, you will receive an invitation to join Van Marciano Pro Lifetime next year, for free, as I already mentioned. The invitations for most all-course access members are already available in their membership dashboard. It cannot be used until the website is launched, of course.

We are no longer accepting new all-access enrollees. Existing single-course customers, read on…

If you are a single course enrollee (Bricks or Oxygen Builder) and purchased your course after 21st November 2022, you can find a special discount coupon code in your membership dashboard, under the upgrade tab. This will reduce the membership fee from €299 plus taxes to around €149 plus taxes.

Our single courses will return to €129 plus taxes also until the 1st of February 2024. After this date, we will no longer be accepting new registrations. After the 16th of February, there will be no further chance to purchase the All Courses Access Pass as a new enrollee.

All single-course members can upgrade!

So what if you already purchased a single course and wish to upgrade?

I’ve already clarified this above, but here it is again:

⚠️ For clarification: If you purchased a single course from me before the 21st of November 2022 you do NOT need to upgrade as during the early promotion, the deal included access to all future courses. This means you will also receive an invite to join Van Marciano Pro. I haven’t forgotten you. You supported the launch of my first online course in the early days. You gave me a great start and shared some amazing feedback on how to improve my courses and premium content, which got me to this point. So thank you.

If you recently purchased a single course or purchased some time ago (after the 21st of November 2022), you have the opportunity to purchase the all-access plan for just an additional €149* + taxes if applicable, until March 8th.

How to do this?

You can find the special discount code located in your member dashboard as this is only available to single course members.

As I mentioned, all new and existing All-Course Access Members will receive free invitations to Van Marciano Pro in the Spring of 2024. We think that’s a pretty good deal and hopefully you will too.

All of this is subject to changes and amendments, but if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me or Samantha via the contact page.

I’ll be updating this post in the future so bookmark it or subscribe to our updates via email.

That’s all I have for now. Thanks for the continued support and happy website building!

Regards –
Fabrizio Van Maricano

* Prices are estimated and are subject to change at any time. Prices are subject to Taxes depending on your country.

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